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Phuket Town - Maps description

Local bus station - Ranong Road - map Downtown
Local bus are easy to recognize: old style trucks colored in blue and white with the destination written in Thai at the front and the back of the vehicle. They go to the main villages of Phuket Island, including Patong, Karon, Kata, Rawai and Kamala Beach. The ticket are cheap (Kata Beach/Phuket Town: 25 baht) and the transportation is nice and slow, close to local life style.

Bus station - Phang Nga Road - map Downtown & Koh Sirae
The main bus station offers the possibility to travel to the big cities of Thailand. From Phuket Town, you can go to Bangkok (12 hours), Ranong (5 hours), Hat Yai (7 hours), etc... You have the choice between different bus quality (air-cond or not), this way of transportation allows you to discover the entire country with low budget.

International hospitals - North West of the city
The two main international hospitals of Phuket Town are the Bangkok Phuket Hospital and the Phuket International Hospital. The first one is located in Sam Kong district - north of the city - and the second one on the road starting from Chalong Circle and going to the airport road, between Thainaan Restaurant traffic light and Tesco Lotus crossroads.

Wat: Buddhist Temples

Temple: Taoist Temples - On the map, names like Jui Tui and bang Niao, which are Chinese temple involved the Vegetarian Festival.

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