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Ya ChelamaBorn in 1983 in South Thailand, Ya Chelama has been fascinated very early by art and painting: his father was a painter himself, and Ya spent hours in his company, watching him spreading colours on canvas.

After he obtained a psychology's degree at the university, Ya decides to pursue his artistic dream and go for a painting training dispensed by a famous Thai painter - Chairat Sangthong - at Taksin University. Soon after this course, he decides to follow his own artistic path, blending figurative style with symbolism. Working hard on his style, it doesn't take long to Ya to drop figurative elements from his painting in a way to express the core of his emotions in a more contemporary abstract style.

Inspired by the most renowned Surrealist painters, Ya had always been attracted by the colours' vibration and by the onirism induced in abstract painting; his style greatly focus on colours worked with painting knife, sponge and brush. In his paintings, Ya loves to tell tales about female characters as well as animals. Positive energy and elegant touches emanate from his paintings. His artistic universe is clearly defined: a surreal world like a dream blending absurdity and unknown. Anything's possible in this phantasmagoric world stimulating happiness and humanity.

Ya has a modern vision and a great sensibility, his art comes from the heart; his paintings transcribe our world in flamboyant colours, stimulating human nature and its wide range of emotions.

Bobol Painting Bobol Painting Bobol Painting
Bobol Painting Bobol Painting Bobol Painting
Bobol Painting Bobol Painting Bobol Painting

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