Photographer - Dominique Anger

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After having work as a fashion famous photographers' assistant in Paris Dominique decided to continue her career in the domain of graphic design as the manager of an advertising and communication agency between 1985 and 1989. Looking for revival, she left France for Asia, coming to live in Thailand in 1990. During one year, she worked in the creation of fancy jewelry collection for the famous Japanese fashion designer Kenzo.

In 1991, she opened two branches of a new advertising agency in Bangkok and Phuket which she manage until 1994. During that period she has notably improved her skill in photo retouching on Photoshop program. Becoming an expert in the domain, she cumulates her photographer's talent and her graphic designer's knowledge to work on personal creations mixing art and technology.

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Fishing boat in Cambodia Bali Sailing boat hull
Water Lili in Thailand

Fishing pier

End of afternoon in Bali

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