Phuket Flowers by Jean Marc Taieb

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Here are some photos of flowers you can find in Phuket and Thailand. Jean-Marc Taieb's photos have been taken in each specie's natural environment, from the garden to the forest and on ponds.

The page's gonna be updated as frequently as possible, and following the different season in Phuket which are offering a wide range of flowers species.

If you have any knowledge about flowers and plants, and would like to help to fill the blanks in the captions or correct eventual errors (I could have been mistaken), you are welcome.

Pictures captions

First line

Common name

Second line

Family or latin name

Third line

Thai name

Water Lily
Dok Bua

Small Baobab

Climbing Oleander
Ban Toen

Bleeding Heart
Clerodendron Splenden
Puang Gaeo Daeng

Plumeria Rubra
Dok Lentom

Desert's Rose
Adenium Obesum Apocynaceae

Japanese Cana
Heliconia spp.
Dharma Raksa

Banana Tree flower

Musa Ornata Musaceae
Pree Kluai

Doc Na Hua


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