Kathu Waterfall & Rain Forest

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The Kathu Waterfall - Nam Tok Kathu in Thai - flowing down on the side of Kaoh Kamala (Kamala mountain) is a great place for those who want to discover the rainy forest.

The area has been upgraded last year in a way to offer some facilities to go up to the mountain with a staircase. The stairs from the entrance to the first level are about 130 m, you can have a look on the quite big spiders (between 10 and 15 cm with the legs) weaving their web on the sides of the way.

Arrived at the first level, you can have a rest and take a seat in the shadow of the rainy forest, the waterfall is more active during the rainy season (from july to december), during the high season, there's not a lot of water flowing down but you can appreciate the coolness of the place.

Another stair is waiting for you to arrive at the second level, on its way you can find nice places adjusted with tables and benches beside the river.

There are little paths everywhere on the mountain, it's a pleasant and not too risky way to discover rain forest, a beautiful and preserved area. Thanks to Bobol and Jean-Marc for their help and support in the making of this page.

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Mountain view Mimetism Spider's familly
little frog Jungle view Jungle view
Pre-sunset on Khao Kamala Praying Mantis Jungle view
Jungle view Khao Kamala Waterfall
Kathu Waterfall Kathu Waterfall Jungle view

big spider Kathu Waterfall jungle spot
Jungle view Red-head lizard Sunset on Khao Kamala
Roots Small spider Rattan
Pods Green lizard Big spider

Nam Tok Kathu Map by Bobol
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Kathu waterfall is located a few kilometers out from Patong Beach: on the road to Phuket Town turn left at the Caltex Gas station's traffic light.

Follow the signboard indicating the waterfall road on your left (1km passed the traffic light.

This road is a dead-end stopping at the waterfall on Kamala mountain.


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