Kata Beach - Phuket

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Parasailing on Kata Beach

koh Pu - Crab Island

Busy in high season

Kata Beach is one of the first famous beaches in Phuket: The Club Med built a village/resort there many years ago that to this day dominates the inner beach. Despite many complaints about this in the past (Club Med is faces 80% of Kata Beach's length), access to the beach is easy as a road separates the beach from Club Med Resort. Kata Beach offers a perfect spot for family holidays due to its development during the last ten years. 

In low season, it is one of the main surfing spots in Phuket and you even can rent a board and take surfing lessons.

At the southern end of the beach are restaurants for all budgets. The northern end is a mooring and beaching place for long-tail fishing boats and is also a good photographic spot at sunset with Koh Pu - Crab Island just offshore. Koh Pu deserves its name: it is just a rock with vegetation at the top, and colonies of crabs at its shoreline. A small reef located almost halfway between the beach and the island offers good snorkeling and is a good spot for learner divers.

Kata Beach Location Map

Phuket Island

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