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The beach part of Laem Ka Noi is minuscule, so tiny that one hesitates to call it a beach. The focus of Laem Ka Noi is its restaurant which attracts many Thai people on weekends with good seafood and local delicacies at fair rates.

At Chalong Circle, follow the road heading south to Rawai. Pass the Phuket Seashell Museum on your right, and look for a sign 'Laem Ka Noi' on your left. The road is pretty narrow and goes along a wall on your right and gardens on your left. Turn left where indicated, go down the road (beware of sharp curves and portholes). You can try to go down to the restaurant with your car on a steep soil path, be aware that the parking lot is very small down there. I would suggest to park cars/motorbike at the upper parking lot, then to walk down to the eatery.

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